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#ExperiencesNotStuff: Holiday Gift Idea #4 of 12: Scuba Diving

Holiday Gift Idea #4 oF 12


The last frontier here on earth the vastly unexplored oceans offer a wild west adventure in paving new roads, experts discovering new animals and geological formations. But scuba diving is also accessible for families more now than ever is easy to train for and enjoy as a family-friendly activity. Kids can get certified as young 10 years old so this makes a great #uniqueholidaygift idea for kids as well. Here is the video we filmed of Seamus getting certified when he was 10 at Kids Sea Camp and Nathan getting his Advanced certification at age 12 in the Caribbean islands of Honduras.

If you are not comfortable going 30-feet (or more) under the surface there are other ways to explore the ocean as a family…snorkeling…here’s a clip from the time we snorkeled as a family with a giant school of whale sharks in Mexico…

…submarine rides (we’ve taken them in Hawaii and Mexico and it’s always lots of fun), and even submersibles! Here’s a clip from a show we filmed in Curacao in the Caribbean where we went 500-feet down

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Look for the next holiday gift idea for the kids tomorrow. And remember, #ExperiencesNotStuff!

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