5 Educational Destinations For The Family

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Travel is a great way to bond and reconnect with family. You build memories and learn more about each other. However, the U.S. Travel Association found only 26 percent of the 28 million yearly international travelers bring their children on trips. Hectic lives and busy schedules get in the way of quality family time. Children’s worlds can expand through travel, and they learn by seeing and experiencing things first hand. If you plan to travel with kids this year, explore these destinations, and give your children an education they can’t get anywhere else.


Photo by Hamish2k via Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps the most educational site you can travel with kids is to the Egyptian pyramids. These ancient ruins provide a peek inside a culture that shaped our modern society. Much more than a marvel, the history behind the pyramids will enlighten your children and open their eyes.

The fact that these pyramids are 4,000 years old and built by one of the world’s most powerful societies during a time when only crude machinery existed, will certainly teach your children the capacity for human ingenuity and persistence. It will also broaden their understanding of societies in general, important in our geocentric world today.

Grand Canyon

Photo by LucaG via Wikimedia Commons

Arizona’s Grand Canyon is another exceptional educational destination for families. It’s right in the continental United States, but no less amazing. The sheer size of the monument and its depth shows children how large our planet is. It also shows them the powerful forces of geology and time.

The Grand Canyon visitor’s center provides lots of instructional videos and exhibits, but kids will truly enjoy hiking through parts of the canyon to see the different layers of geology firsthand.

African Safari

Photo by David W. Siu via Flickr

Africa might sound extreme, but it is safe for kids to travel, even on safari. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya or Botswana are ideal places for children to experience savanna wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinoceros in their true habitat.

You can arrange a safari tour through a local guide, or book lodging near one of the many state parks. The hotel will either offer safari tours, or put you in touch with a local guide.

Your children will also get a glimpse of how the AWF works to protect elephants and endangered wildlife in Africa. They have many programs, including one arranged through Disney, to protect the Ambroseli-Chyulu corridor in Kenya. You can learn more about AWF’s efforts to protect elephants and other endangered species.

This breathtaking and educational trip will teach kids lessons they’ll keep for the rest of their lives.

The Vatican

Photo by Yair Haklai via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to Rome Italy to visit the Colosseum will broaden your children’s views of complex civilizations. You’ll be able to see a number of amazing sites after you visit the Vatican, like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Tikal National Park

Photo by Bruno Girin via Wikimedia Commons

The Mayan Ruins in Tikal was once a major city with 10,000 inhabitants built 2,000 years ago. Tikal National Park is very accessible and its decorative stone temples look as if they could still be used today. The area is also full of entertaining wildlife including spider monkeys and parrots which kids always enjoy.

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