Packing can be a challenge with kids, especially with today’s baggage restrictions. But not to worry, over the years we have compiled a list of packing tips to help you along the way…

Check temperatures before you go.’s 10-day forecast allows plenty of time to pack.

Don’t stress: Forgot something? Buy it when you get there. Remember every country has babies and kids, which means every country has supplies for babies and kids. It may not be your exact brand, but sometimes you will discover something even better!

Involve your kids in packing their bags: They feel the anticipation for the trip. They take responsibility: You are not blamed for what’s brought along (and what’s left behind!).

Roll clothes: To save room, prevent wrinkles and keep us organized without having to think about it on the road, we roll each outfit together and wrap it with a piece of masking tape. We even put the date on it (but we’re filming so we have to be super organized). That way we can just hand the day’s bundle to each kid and be done!

Travel Cubes: We love travel cubes (we got them at Travel Smith)…not only do they keep us organized and save space (they can be compacted by zipping a second zipper closed), they make it easier with kids. How? Each person in our family is assigned a color and all of their clothes go in their colored cube. No fighting about whose shirt it is…if it’s in your color cube, you can wear it. Makes getting ready in the mornings much easier! And helps keeps clothes organized on the road!

Carry-On: A two day supply of necessities in case of delayed luggage including swimsuits if you are going somewhere tropical. You don’t want to miss a whole day of vacation waiting for your luggage, or have to purchase expensive clothes at the resort. It’s a good idea to buy travel insurance in case luggage does get lost or delayed, then the insurance company foots the bill for replacing the clothes, etc.

Contacts: List of email addresses (and physical addresses if you want to send postcards) so the kids can keep in touch with friends back home. Ask your child’s teacher about getting credit for sending the class pictures and travel journals from the road. It will lighten their make-up work and helps the class learn about a ne destination along with your child!

Packing Lists: Here are some sample packing lists for each child in some of the destinations we have visited. For special tips on packing for cold weather: see

Packing List: One Week: Tropics Packing List: One Week: Cold Weather Special Considerations: For Babies
– 3 – 4 pairs convertible shorts/pants
(with zip-on legs to convert to pants for jungle activities) OR combination of shorts/skorts and long linen/cotton pants (you want some long pants for mosquito protection)
– 6 t-shirts/tank tops
– 2 collared cotton/linen layering long-sleeve shirts
– 1 – 2 light cotton dresses for girls
– 1 light sweater/sweatshirt
– 1 light rain jacket
– 2 pairs pajamas
– 6 pairs underwear
– 3 pairs of socks
– 2 pairs of shoes:
– 1 sturdy hiking shoe/1 nice sandal/1 pair flip flops
– Large bag to store dirty clothes
– Sunscreen (AAP recommends SPF 30+)
– Bug repellent
– 2 bathing suits/swim shirts
– Wide brim sun hat
– Sunglasses
– 3 pair fleece/denim pants
– 1 pair rain/outer pants
– 3 t-shirts/undershirts
– 3 long sleeve t-shirts
– 1 rain/outer jacket
– 1 down jacket
– 2 fleece sweatshirts
– 2 pairs of warm pajamas
– 7 pairs of underwear
– 2 pairs of wicking long underwear
– 4 pairs of wicking socks
– 2 pairs wool socks
– 1 pair of boots/1 pair of tennis shoes
– A couple large bags for dirty clothes
– Sunscreen (AAP recommends SPF 30+)
– 1 bathing suit (you never know!)
– 2 warm hats
– Sunglasses
– Umbrella
– Scarf and gloves
– Diapers/pull-ups/swim diapers
– Baby: 8/day, Toddler: 6/day. Don’t forget swim diapers for the pool!
– Some pools do not allow babies with swim diapers. Check with your hotel!
– Baby Food
– Pack plastic jars in a large plastic bag in case they leak
– Rural areas can be limited in baby food choices, so make sure to pack enough to get your through a stock up in a big city.
– TIP: Many baby foods now come in bags with spout dispensers – great for travel! Try
– Formula
– Pack serving size in zip lock bags (2 scoops in a bag for 8 oz. bottle) for easy bottle prep on the road.
– TIP: Similac sells single serve packages on Internet.
– Bottles & Pacifiers
– 2 – 3 bottles, box of liners, and 5 nipples (Disposable liners lessen bottle washing/sterilizing,
which can be difficult on the road) For plane, prepare 2 bottles with liners & dry formula.
Ask  flight attendant for warm water to add to it.

A small first aid kit is always a good idea when traveling with kids. Here’s what we put in ours:

– Unbreakable kid’s thermometer
– Children’s Antihistamine and Regular Strength for older kids and adults
– Children’s Tylenol or Motrin and Regular Strength for older kids and adults
– 12 meduim bandaids
– 12 small bandaids
– 6 gauzes (3 large, 3 medium)
– Medical Tape
– Antiseptic Wipes
– Antibiotic Creme (like Neosporne)
– Anti-Itch Creme (like Cortisone) or spray (like Benadryl)
– Tweezers
– Second Skin (Blister Treatment)

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