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#ExperiencesNotStuff: Holiday Gift Idea #1 of 12

With so many gifts through the years played with just once or twice and then set aside, we’ve decided the more meaningful gifts we have given the kids are the gifts of #ExperiencesNotStuff. So, in an effort to help all those busy families out there during the holiday season, and in the thread of that famous Christmas song, we’ve decided to give you 12 days of holiday gifts for the family.

Holiday Gift Idea #1 oF 12

Zip Lining

It’s all the rage now and there are lots and lots of places to do it, so this is an easy one for parents and kids love the high flying adventure of zip lining. We have been lucky enough to zip line in the #Baja desert near #CaboSanLucas¬† #Mexico

As well as the slopes of #ParkCity

Zip line, Park City Ski Resort, Utah

Carrie and Nathan on zip line at Park City Ski Resort

over the Sacred Valley in Peru…which was INSANE as it was hundreds of feet high and you could watch traditionally dressed women herding sheep below!

the jungles of #CostaRica

Zip Lining, Monte Verde, Costa Rica

Nathan on zip line in Monte Verde, Costa Rica

and this summer over the #ZambeziRiver in #Zimbabwe, which was also insane as there were hippos and crocodiles in the river, not to mention the GIANT drop of Victoria Falls lurking just down the river!

So as you can see, we have zip lined together as a family many a time and would highly recommend it (even for those of you with a slight fear of heights…I am freaked out by heights, but let the kids see me conquer (or try to…I have bailed on some lines) those fears!


  • Ask best ages for the place before you go. Kids as young as three or four can go on some lines, but some parks are definitely¬†geared more towards little ones and some are more outfitted for the adrenaline junkies!
  • Don’t force it! If your child is too scared, let them know it’s OK. If possible, walk them through the base of the lines while others are enjoying the zip lines above. It may set their fears at ease when they see how much fun everyone is having.
  • Be sure they listen to all the safety instructions and ask questions! Safety is imperative and wearing the equipment and doing what the instructor says is a must!
  • ENJOY!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Look for the next holiday gift idea for the kids tomorrow. And remember, #ExperiencesNotStuff!


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