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#ExperiencesNotStuff: Holiday Gift Idea #3 of 12

Holiday Gift Idea #3 oF 12

A Whale of a Time

Whales are like the dinosaurs of the ocean in that they are HUGE! The good news is they are also in many places, so it’s easily accessible wherever you are so it make a unique holiday gift for the family. In addition to watching whales off the two U.S. coasts, there are some great places in the world to see these gentle giants!

Within driving distance of Arizona and California, lies the Baja peninsula (south of California) where, during the winter months, grey whales come to mate and give birth. On one of the longest migrations in the world, they travel from their feeding grounds in Alaska to Scammon’s Lagoon and Magdalena Bay in Baja. This is one of the only places in the world where the animal seems to initiate the contact…the whales almost seem curious about the humans, approaching small boats (the only kind allowed into the bays for whale watching) within touching distance. It is regulated by how many boats can enter the lagoons at one time and how much of the lagoon they are allowed to enter – leaving the whales plenty of room to swim away if they do not want contact. And yes, you are allowed to touch “the friendlies” as they are nicknamed.

Another fun place to see them, almost guaranteed sightings, is in Alaska where its possible to see orcas, humpbacks, belugas and more.

Humback whales, near Seward, Alaska

Humback whales, near Seward, Alaska

During the winter months, Hawaii offers some great whale watching opportunities as well as places along Mexico’s Pacific Coast like Cabo San Lucas.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Look for the next holiday gift idea for the kids tomorrow. And remember, #ExperiencesNotStuff!

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