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Best Family Vacation Destinations for 2018

Over the years of filming Travel With Kids, we have come up with a list of our favorites for sure! This year we are seeing some trends and we’ve included some of our favorites that may not be on your radar, but make for a fantastic family vacation destination for 2018.

Here are our Top 7 Picks for best family travel in 2018!

  1. South Africa: Animal encounters beyond your wildest imagination, modern infrastructure, English widely spoken, intriguing history with amazing leadership examples!Lion roaring next to jeep on safari, South Africa
  2. Thailand: Rich colorful culture, warm welcoming people (“Land of Smiles”!), well-established tourist infrastructure, incredible temple architecture with giant Buddhas, and elephants!!Hall of 1000 Buddhas, Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand
  3. Italy: Amazing cities, including Venice: the city with water roads, gladiators, gondolas, pizza, gelato, medieval hill towns (like Volterra featured in Twilight), Roman walls, iconic landmarks and more!Gondolas, Venice, Italy
  4. Peru: Machu Picchu, the Amazon…need we say more? Top that with a rich history that’s easy to discover, indreible markets and pituresque settings!Annie and Molly celebrate arrival to Machu Picchu, Peru
  5. Vietnam/Cambodia: This is an up and coming destination for family travelers. It’s an easy combination and offers UNSECO sites like Angkor Wat and Halong Bay, traditional life along the Mekong, war history, and colorful markets
  6. Ireland: Rolling green hills dotted by sheep and castles make the Middle Ages come alive in Ireland. Plus, amazing music and dancing, awesome country adventure activities, and much more!Annie, Caroline and Lela enjoy swinging at a country manor near Killarney, Ireland
  7. Costa Rica: Nature and adventure with a easy going vibe and easy to travel in destination! In the middle of the country you have pristine cloud and rain forests with adventure activities like zip lining, white water rafting and more. The coasts offer relaxation with a touch of adventure by kayak, jet ski, surf board and more! Great combination for families!Nathan zip lining near Monte Verde, Costa RicaTo find out more about our Family Adventure Tours for 2018 or to get a custom quote on a personalized trip just for your family, fill out our Travel Interest Form.

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